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“Brass jewelry­making requires hard work and a desire to learn new things. When you have those two things, that’s when you improve. Through this work, I have gained discipline and taken ownership of my job. I try my best to improve each and every day, coming up with new ideas on how to produce high­ quality products.” - Andeto, Nisolo Jewelry Maker


"The wire used for chain necklaces are sourced from shops in town. We use recycled materials like water taps and padlocks for the casted pieces. For bone, we use cow bone which is also recycled in that after people take the meat, we use the leftover bone. Our sourcing impacts local businesses. There are people who collect recycled brass and bone, so we directly impact them."

“I don’t know one product we make where only one person touches it from start to finish. For example, the chain requires many hands touching it, and the same applies to casted pendants. You’ll find one person molding, another casting, another sanding. Teamwork here is required.” -Raymond, Master Jewelry Maker

"To make the chain, one person heats the wire, two people coil, and two people cut the links. It is a continuous process so that at the end of the day, the whole team works together on the chain reaction that only ends in the linking."

"The standards have now been set. Though it was difficult to reach that standard, it is no longer fragile. For our international market, our products are largely sold online, so what the customer views must be exactly what the customer gets. We have learned that and will maintain it. This is a standard that will also be applied to our local sales." - Raymond