Nisolo Spotlight: Kidd Epps

kidd epps

Kidd Epps does it all. As a father of four beautiful children: Grey (17), Paisley (14), Sadie (8) Townes (7), a husband of 18 yrs to an incredible woman, and a designer/maker of beautiful spaces, Kidd works diligently to find success in life through balance. From the reality of having four kids involved in various activities and trying to get a company off the ground to support his passion as a designer, balance is often a pretty tough thing to master. Kidd said, "Much like life itself, finding the perfect proportions of a piece of furniture is the key to it being successful. It is a constant evolution of finding what works in the Epps family, while being dedicated to finding the balance." 
In honor of Father's Day coming up, we asked each of the Epps kids a few questions about their relationship with their dad. Here's what they had to say...

Q: What is your favorite thing to do with your dad?

A: [Grey, 17] Since I was 5 yrs old, my dad and I have played catch and practiced baseball so much. That is definitely my favorite thing to do with my dad.

A: [Sadie, 8] When he reads to me!

Q: How does your dad make you laugh?

A: [Paisley, 14] When he tries to play golf.

A: [Townes, 7] When he tickles me.

Q: What is your dad really good at?

A: [Paisley] He is really good at designing, especially beautiful spaces and furniture.

A: [Sadie] He is really good at being a dad.

Q: What is your dad not so good at?

A: [Townes] Dancing.

A: [Sadie] Playing games.


Q: What do you like about your dad’s style?

A: [Grey] I love that unlike most dads, he doesn’t get stuck in his high school era “look” or resort to the tried and true “dad cargo shorts!" 

A: [Townes] He wears cool hats.

Q: What makes you proud of your dad?

A: [Grey] I'm proud of my dad because he has followed a passion to create something special so that we could have a good life.

A: [Paisley] He seems to find a way to be at our competitions to support us when he should be working!

Q: What is something your dad always says to you?

A: [Grey] Since I was a small kid, my dad has always told me to never be a follower and always be myself.

A: [Sadie] I love you.

Q: If your dad were a movie character, who would he be and why?

A: [Townes] Superman!!


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