Nisolo Spotlight: Jonny P + Holly

Jonny p + holly

Meet the talented husband and wife duo, Jonny P and Holly. Hailed from NY and LA, they are now major contributors to Nashville's music and fashion scene. From perfectly tailored style to vintage soul music, they inspire us with their genuine and creative expression.

Q: What inspires you?

A: A lot of the same things inspire the both of us. We love detail. We love craftsmanship and people that put those things first. We both really enjoy genuine expression. We're not very trendy people per se. We don't gravitate toward trends but actually try to fight them indirectly--it's just our nature. We like things that are off the beaten path and exclusive. They always inspires us to try to attempt different things. Probably me more so than Holly in some ways. She'll often go back to a look she loves over and over again. I won't do that. Every single time I go into my closet I try to wear a different outfit. I try to create something new, even if it's with the same pieces.

Q: As an artist, why did you choose Nashville?

A: We were actually in the process of moving back from LA to NYC in theory and I had written a lot of the songs on my original EP while I was in California. If we had moved back to NYC, out of pure necessity, I would have taken another job in fashion, but I wouldn't have been able to record what I wanted to record. So I asked Holly to let us move to Nashville for just 6 months to find the right producers and studios, but then we just stayed. We've been here 5 years now. Nashville is a lot better than New York for us in a lot of ways. Nashville is to music, what LA is to film. Knowing I could get anything done that I could dream of, is what has kept us here.

Q: Why do you care about ethical fashion?
A: As both of us being designers of sorts, we can appreciate when a brand doesn't just curate styles, but nods to things that have been and adds their own thing to it. Nisolo represents something familiar and something new. I sing vintage soul music, and a lot of people relate it to Motown. I want to pay homage to artists that came before me and put a twist to it.


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