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Every Nisolo product comes with a Sustainability Facts Label. What's this?

Ask for the facts.

The fashion industry continues to have a devastating impact on People and the Planet. So, we include a Nisolo Sustainability Facts Label with each of our products, scoring them across 200 sustainability metrics to clarify their individual social and environmental impact, promote greater transparency, and hold ourselves and the industry more accountable.

See something you like? Check the facts, too.

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Behind our year-end sale

Full transparency, this is why we're having a sale.


Through all of the sales, discounts, and offers your inbox experience this time of year, we’d like to invite you “behind the sale” to see how ours is different.


As a slow fashion brand, we take a very different approach from larger retailers when it comes to sustainable production. We’re determined to push the industry in a better direction, and our investment in our own factory plays a crucial role. To be transparent, every year for the past three years, our factory has been unable to keep up with the demand that you, our customers, are driving.


Yet, we’ve known that if we continued to focus on creating an environment that allows our producers to truly thrive, eventually exponential growth would come. So, we’ve stayed focused on things like skills training, relationship development, financial wellbeing, team building, etc., to facilitate our producers’ personal growth.

This year, we gave our producers the green light to produce as much as they can, and they significantly outpaced expected growth for the first time in Nisolo history. In just 11 months, production capacity in our factory has experienced 3x growth (225% to be precise), and as a result, we have beyond healthy inventory levels heading into 2019.

To celebrate their success and continue giving the green light to produce at unprecedented rates, we’ve marked down the prices on a large amount of our favorite products now through January 5th.


Unlike most of the fashion industry today, we believe that creating an environment where people can thrive is not only the right thing to do but is good for business as well. Here’s to a unique opportunity for you to get the products you’ve been eyeing, help balance our inventory, and further push the fashion industry in a more sustainable direction.

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Nisolo - January 30, 2019

Thanks for your question, Peter. “Protecting the interests of labor that don’t align with the goals of increased production,” is essentially getting at how we look after the interests of our producers in the case that their interests are in contrast to our production needs. For example, in much of the fashion industry, workers are asked to work excessive overtime hours (often 12 hours or more a day) to meet production orders. Requiring this amount of work is damaging to workers’ health and goes against their interests. To that end, we have systems in place to limit overtime hours and ensure our producers’ interests are met.

Nisolo - January 30, 2019

Thanks for your question, Amy. We implement a strict limit on overtime hours at no more than 12 hours per week to ensure our producers do not work excessive hours and to allot sufficient time for rest. We also have regular meetings between factory management and workers to discuss production and the working environment so that everyone’s needs can be expressed and fulfilled.

Peter - January 23, 2019

I’m not from Nisolo, but what does this mean? “Protecting the interests of labor that don’t align with the goals of increased production.”

Amy Tan - January 2, 2019

How do you guarantee that when you give producers a green light like this, you’re still protecting the interests of labor that don’t align with the goals of increased production? Would be curious to know!

Jody - January 2, 2019

This is another reason I own 10 pairs of Nisolos.
Keep up the great work, Patrick and crew.

Katarina - December 27, 2018

Best reason I’ve heard yet to have a sale! Thank you for, “creating an environment that allows… producers to thrive,” and consumers to feel confident with their purchases.

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