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Artist Spotlight: Bleubird

Meet James Kicinski-McCoy, a Nashville-based mother of four and founder of the lifestyle blog, Bleubird. She's also co-founder and editor of Mother Magazine, and co-owner and creative director of Two Son.    Q: What inspires you? A: Music, books, vintage style and clothing, old photographs, travel, my children, my friends—I find inspiration all around me. Q: Who or what influences your style? A: An occasion, comfort, things I love, and my mood really. On a day-to-day basis, I am a simple jean and t-shirt girl, but I love an excuse to have fun and play dress up once in a while.   Q: Why Nashville? A: My husband Aubrey and I were living in Texas and wanted a new experience...

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Artist Spotlight: Brady Toops

As an artist, why did you choose Nashville? About six years ago I came to town to make one of my first records and quickly realized this was the home I'd been looking for, for quite some time. Nashville carries within its borders a value for friendship and creativity that has both strengthened and inspired me greatly. I love it. What inspires you? At the end of the day, life is full of wonder and our job is just to notice it. I think it's the true role of an artist, to slow down enough to genuinely see life and the world and then invite others into that space, whether it be through the medium of music, photography, film, etc....

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