Nisolo HQ - from Oxford to Taylor

Nisolo HQ - from Oxford to Taylor

October is just around the corner, and apart from bringing beautiful weather and colorful trees, it will also mark Nisolo's two year birthday!  We could not be more excited about how much Nisolo has grown in that time, and in the spirit of the changing season, we'd like to spend the next two blog posts reflecting on the progression of our US headquarters since inception.  Next month, we'll share the amazing advances we've made in Peru, but for now, take a look at how the HQ has evolved so far!

Thanks to the success that some of our friends who started with humble roots have had (ya know...Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, etc.), we're not ashamed to say that just like those endeavors, Nisolo was born in a garage in Oxford, MS.

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Oh, the good ole days.  Looking back, it is hilarious to think about things like meeting a trucker on the highway at 1 AM to receive our first shipment of shoes.  And of course, how that night turned into an all-nighter, as his truck could not get up the hill to the garage. Using the resources that we had handy, we managed to make several runs using the bed of a pick-up truck until all 17 huge boxes of shoes reached their new home.


After countless hours of help from friends and family, we managed to get all of the shoes unpacked and boxed before our launch party held on October 6, 2011.  Take a look HERE to read more about this crazy time.  Before too long, we hit the road on our first ever road show throughout the South, and Nisolo was officially born.



We had some wonderful memories in those early days and are so thankful for everyone in Oxford and in the Ole Miss community who helped us along the way. Mississippi treated us well, but it didn't take long to realize that we were outgrowing our surroundings.  So, we packed up and moved to Nashville, TN!

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Nisolo HQ then found its home in a little three bedroom house off Kirkwood Street.  And after a week of work by friends and family to flood proof the basement, it started to feel like home.

Photo May 03, 8 59 41 AM copy


We spent an awesome year in that house.  It was a wonderful location full of great memories and was perfect for what Nisolo needed during that transition.

photo 5

IMG_2631 copy

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Before too long, little things like driving the neighbors and the mailman crazy helped us realize it was time to move on once again...

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But there was no chance we'd be leaving Nashville, and here's why.  And so the search began for the perfect, more permanent home for the Nisolo HQ.  Eventually, we'd end up at 100 Taylor in Germantown near downtown Nashville, but stay tuned for our next post to learn about how and why we chose this perfect home for Nisolo!


- The Nisolo Team


  • will brewer

    Great story Nisolo team…so proud to hear and see the story!
    Greater things are to come!

  • David Linn

    great story! Keep up with the good work of Nisolo, congrats to all involved!!

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