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New products on the way!

Well, after a two month stint of long hours spent in the shoe shops and bustling around Trujillo, we have a plethora of new products on the way to the States! Our cargo should be cruising through the Panama Canal right about now and is due to arrive at Nisolo Headquarters around the 18th of April. Since it won’t be long before a nice little box of shoes arrive to your doorstep, we thought we’d offer a first hand look at what it takes to make that possible...

The design of a particular style of shoes starts as an idea. That idea is slowly shaped into reality based on the availability of certain materials and a solid collaboration between our US team and the shoemakers in Peru. This step can take as little as a few days or as long as several months in development.

Once the design if finalized, we then decide how many of each style should be made and what colors and leather textures would be best for the particular design. Then, it’s time to start making the shoes! Barring unforeseen delays, our shoemakers can generally knock out a particular style in any quantity under 2,000 pairs in less than a few months.

Once the shoes are completed, we inspect each and every pair for quality control. Thankfully, because each pair is unique and not mass-produced, rarely do we have to set a pair aside for corrections.

Then, we begin packing the shoes. Now, this step is always an extensive one, and it could not be completed without the help of good friends. A special thanks goes out to Esdras Vasquez Vargas, Emilio & Jose Salaverry, Grant Robinson, Friederike Kettelhoit, Ann-Katrin Katsburg, Escott Ross, and Anna Deicke for their help over the last few months!

And they’re off!

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