Nisolo's Holiday Tour

Nisolo's Holiday Tour

After making our trip through the Southeast we took the show on the road through the large state of Texas.  Among our stops were Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston, and then finishing things up in New Orleans.

Fort Worth, TX

We were excited to get to Fort Worth after a long drive that started early in the morning from Arkansas.  Kaydee and Bill Bailey graciously opened up their home to host and we had a great time connecting with old friends from TCU.  We left that night encouraged with the turnout and motivated to have a successful showing in Texas.

Dallas, TX

The next night we headed East over to Dallas to the home of Carol and Patton Chapman.  We couldn't have been more pleased with the turnout.  It felt like people were flooding in from the get go and things didn't slow down until the event wrapped up at around 8:30.  Afterward we were exhausted from running around all night but it also made loading up the trailer a bit easier after all the shoes we sold.  Big thanks to the Dallas crowd for showing up in full!

Austin, TX (Lambert's)

After spending the weekend in Austin we were excited to host our first Austin show at Lamberts Downtown Barbeque.  First of all, if you’re in Austin and haven't had a chance to indulge yourself in some Lamberts cuisine then we highly recommend it!  The Lamberts event was quite enjoyable as we had another great turnout which made for a successful event and great time.  Special thanks to Will Bridges and Lamberts for allowing us to host our event at such a great venue!

Austin, TX (Ferguson's Home)

The next night we strolled over to the Ferguson's for another in home event.  When we showed up Kelly Ferguson and Hilary Ramirez were ready to host as they had already set up a plethora of drinks and appetizers for the guests.  The night went well and after another load of shoes on the feet of more Austinites we were off to our last stop in Texas.

Houston, TX

After driving all over Houston we finally arrived at our destination at the home of John and Claire Kruse.  Although the muggy December weather didn't make it feel much like Christmas there were many Nisolo gifts purchased to be put under the tree.  We walked away from Houston having had a great time conversing with all that showed up at the Kruse's home and excited with the overall turnout in Texas.  Texas success, check!

New Orleans, LA

Finishing up our Holiday tour we stopped in at the home of Chelsea Broom for a Christmas party hosted by Chelsea and Crystal Gardner.  It was a perfect way to wrap things up as we not only had a great turnout but also enjoyed the company of the attendees and the overall Holiday cheer.

We couldn't have been more satisfied with our Holiday tour through TX and New Orleans.  Suffice it to say our trailer full of inventory was much lighter when we finished and we couldn't be more thankful to all those that hosted and attended.  Special thanks goes out to all the hosts including Bill and Kaydee Bailey, Patton and Carol Chapman, Will Bridges, Scott and Kelly Ferguson, Hilary and Jaime Ramirez, John and Claire Kruse, Chelsea Broom, and Crystal Gardner.  We are so appreciative of your support and we absolutely couldn't have done this without you.  Thanks again to all for such a great turnout and for "wearing change."

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