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Monday, Meet Willan

Just as we are striving to get to know each of our supporters and customers a little more each day, we would like to continue providing avenues for Nisolo fans to get to know our Team and our Brand as well. That is why every Monday from here on out, we will feature someone who helps characterize or tell the story of Nisolo.

Well, it’s Monday, and we cannot think of a better person to start with than Willan. So, Nisolo fans, meet Willan:

Willan lives in the Wichanzao neighborhood of Trujillo, Peru. He has four sons and a beautiful wife named Doris. Possessing strong leadership qualities and an incredible spirit about him, many within his shoe shop and around the neighborhood look to Willan for counsel and advice. One of the things Willan loves most is spending time with his family. It therefore comes to no surprise that his sons can often be seen hovering over him after school, trying to learn the trade of shoemaking so that when they are old enough, they will be able to help him out around the shop.

Before working with Nisolo, Willan struggled to make ends meet despite his remarkable skill set. He is a classic example of the incredible talent and potential that exists in the developing world and a reminder that many times it is not a lack of ABILITY that creates a “poverty trap,” but a lack of ACCESS.

Willan has over 20 years of experience in shoemaking, and his superb craftsmanship and talent were what first caught the eye of Nisolo founders. In many ways, he is the backbone of Nisolo. If you read “Our Story,” you will see that the idea and vision for Nisolo was born in his shoe shop just over a year ago.   

Since he first started making Nisolo shoes, Willan has been able to use his profits to put up a sturdy roof and durable walls on his home for the first time ever. In addition, the number of people he has been able to employ in his shoeshop has grown from 2 to 8. When asked about the progress he has made, Willan remarked: “I am thrilled to be able to offer more people in the community with a new job, and I am even happier to be able to provide a steady source of income for my family.” Willan’s greatest hope is to expand his shop at some point soon so that he can offer more people in his community a job. In addition, he said that two of his primary goals are to continue improving the quality of his shoes and eventually make Nisolo shoes for the domestic market in Peru.

We at Nisolo could not be more thankful to have such a delightful man on our team.

Thank you for "Meeting Willan this Monday.”


  • Lola

    What a fantastic story! I grew up in Peru as a child (my mother is Peruvian) and I am glowing with pride at the thought that these master Peruvian craftsmen are finally being given the opportunity to show the world what they can do! I owned many pair of handmade shoes made by locals as a child, and can vouch for their incredible quality. I am so happy to know that Willan’s life has improved since working with Nisolo, and that he is now able to employ more people in his shoe shop. Kudos to you all! May we all take such good care of one another.

  • Nisolo

    Thanks so much Lola for your feedback. What a great connection. We feel so privileged to be able to showcase this talent to the developed world. These men and women are truly remarkable.

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