Nisolo's Southeast Tour

Nisolo's Southeast Tour

Nisolo’s first venture into the retail sales world has been quite exhilarating. After such an incredible launch party in Oxford, we were thrilled to be able to host 14 more events around the Southern U.S.


The moment we arrived in Memphis we were surprised by so many enthused faces rushing in to hear our story and get some Nisolo’s on their feet! We were so appreciative of George and Janet Leavell for opening their home and providing such wonderful hospitality.  Many of our guests in Memphis had been to Peru over the years, so it was really exciting being able to connect our vision with their experiences.


We had no idea what to expect for our Franklin event because it was a late addition to our tour. Will and Sarah Brewer graciously opened their home for the day and, we were pleasantly surprised with a great turn out! We were able to share our story to many in their community and help our guests get some early Christmas shopping taken care of!


The following day, Nisolo hosted an event in downtown Nashville at Virago’s Citizen Club.  This event was unique because the majority of our guests were young, aspiring individuals challenging us and wanting to know about our cause.  We were thrilled to be able to have in-depth conversations with a younger generation about shared experiences, our vision, and their personal role as a consumer.


We made a quick stop in Birmingham, Alabama where we were mostly greeted by unfamiliar faces very interested in Nisolo. This was a refreshing event in that Nisolo's message was primarily delivered to a fresh new crowd.


Our Tuscaloosa stop was a last minute addition to the Nisolo Road Trip, as Katie Bivens reached out to us and offered to host an event a week before our departure. Katie spent a year in Peru and has a huge heart for the Peruvian people. We did not know what to expect, and we were astonished by how quickly the word spread. We met so many wonderful people from all walks of life in Tuscaloosa! Thank you so much, Katie Bivens, for opening your home, going above and beyond our expectations, and wearing change!


Many people say that Jackson Mississippi is known for throwing great parties, and with Paula Hood and Leslie Carpenter hosting, we knew we were in good hands. We joined forces with Peru Paper, an economically and environmentally sustainable company, that sells handmade paper products from recycled materials. Peru Paper shares a similar vision with Nisolo and employs underprivileged women in Trujillo, Peru. We had so much fun collaborating and connecting with old friends and new ones.  Thanks Jackson for your love of Peru!


Wrapping up our Southeast Road Trip before heading West to Texas, the girls at Luxe boutique in Hot Springs, AR, kindly hosted a Nisolo event on a tranquil Friday night.  A big thanks goes out to Sarah and Cassidy for all of their help.


 We want to send out a big THANK YOU to all of our guests that attended our events, and to all our friends and family who helped us spread the word. We also want to give a special thanks to our hosts: George and Janet Leavell, Will and Sarah Brewer, Jim Caden of MStreet’s Virago Citizen Club, Katie Bivens, Leslie Carpenter, Paula Hood, and Cassity and Sarah @ Luxe. We couldn’t have done it without each of you! Thank you for your encouragement, support, and for “wearing change. “

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