Nisolo Has Officially Launched!

Nisolo Has Officially Launched!

Beginning with the official Nisolo launch party in Oxford, MS, we have had some wonderful feedback from our customers and fanbase over the last several months. The energy and encouragement felt from various communities has been extremely motivating, and a big thanks goes out to everyone who helped out this past fall. Your support has been much appreciated!

We would like to apologize for not updating our blog frequently before this point. In the future, our hope is to regularly post updates so that you can get to know Nisolo and the cause we support a little better each time you visit our website.

Our next few blog posts will briefly recount the journey we experienced as we ventured through 14 cities in 6 states over the past few months telling friends and strangers throughout the Southern United States all about our brand, products, and vision for social change.

It all started on October 6th in Oxford, MS…

Oxford, Mississippi

Nisolo’s very first shipment of 1,000+ pairs of shoes arrived to Oxford on October 3, 2011. With less than 36 hours to repack all of the shoes and prepare for the launch party to be held on October the 6th, an incredible community of family and friends rallied around us to get the job done and make the launch party a huge success.

As Oxford and the Ole Miss community played such an influential role in the early vision of what would become Nisolo, it was great to finally get a chance to showcase the brand to the entire city. Throughout the night, a couple hundred people stopped by to learn about Nisolo and show their support for our products and cause.

The feedback we received from people of all ages about the vision for Nisolo and the quality and style of our products was just the encouragement we needed to look forward to 13 more cities of good times on the road with Nisolo.



Thank you to everyone who came participated that night and to all who made the Nisolo launch party such a successful and memorable event!

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