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Nisolo is a footwear and accessories brand for women and men that was founded to fix a problem. We believe that consumers should be able to have the products they want, have them produced in an ethical manner, and buy them at a fair, accessible price. Yet historically, this has been hard to come by when it comes to footwear. This is the problem we are fixing, as we are the only footwear brand on the market that allows for these three things to happen simultaneously.



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"Nisolo is providing fair wages and full-time employment to more than 30 impoverished artisans in Peru."

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"the businesses that practice transparent, ethical and responsible business practices that are embedded into their business models."


"quality-made goods that could journey through urban streets and park trails, while ethically sourcing the best materials."

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"Nisolo (those loafers!) provides jobs to shoemakers in Peru with the goal of alleviating poverty." 

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